R & R Marine Woods Hole MA

The waters around Woods Hole, Falmouth, and the Islands offer a wide selection of fishing pleasure. The main group of fish we target are Striped Bass, Bluefish, Bonito, and Tuna. R & R Marine offers two well-equipped vessels for your fishing enjoyment. Both vessels come with all the safety, fishing, and electronic equipment to make your charter a safe and successful day of fishing. All tackle is furnished, but if you want to bring your own fishing pole and favorite lure, you are more than welcome.

Off Season Boat Repair

Off Season Santa During the summer months is when charter boats get the most action. There are people who want to go out and enjoy a day on the water when the weather is nice. When cool weather comes, and snow is falling, people do not want to be out on the water where it is even colder. Therefore, winter becomes the perfect time to take care of all the boat repairs that matter. It is the same off season boat repair that all boat owners have to take on, but perhaps on a bigger scale since charter boats get a lot more wear and tear on them.

Repairs Need to Be Handled

Winterizing is a term that every boat owner knowns. It usually means cleaning up the boat and doing things to ensure that nothing gets damaged during the winter time. You may take your battery out of the boat and put it on a trickle charger to ensure that it works well when the new season kicks. When you have a charter boat, these things are still important, but it goes much further since charter boats need to look great when others show up to ride on them. These boats get more dings and scuffs than other boats. They spend a lot more time in the water than others. Accidents happen throughout the season. It may be that a person slid their chair and gouged the floor or dropped the anchor too hard. Those repairs need to be handled before a new season comes around. This makes it so that when the clients start coming, the boat looks as though it is a new boat and worth paying for.

Gel Coat Repairs

Most Common Issues and Repairs

Before & After Boat RepairsMost of the time, with a charter boat, the damages are scuffs and marks on the floor. Therefore, many charter owners use clear epoxy resin, like this brand, to refinish the floors. This puts a protective layer over them and makes it virtually impossible to damage next season. There are also routine things that have to be done. These things include replacing battery boxes, rewiring wires that have visible wear and tear on them, fixing battery switches or replacing them if it is needed, and more. People who have paid for a charter boat do not want to go out and be stranded. It is imperative that during the off season, owners do everything they can do ensure that it will not happen.

Planning for Spring and Summer

Boat Cover For WinterAfter the repairs have been handled, owners then start making plans for the upcoming seasons. They may look at their boat and replace old electronics or add new ones that have come out to help make each fishing trip more successful. They may purchase new tackle and reels to ensure that their future clients have the things that they need to have a successful adventure out on the open water or lakes that they have chosen to venture out on. If they do, then they may return in future seasons and bring others along to enjoy a day as well.

On Board Fishing Accessories

People visit us because we have proven ourselves to be a good time out on the water. Our fishing charter offers many amenities that most other companies do not. The accessories we have on board are there for your comfort as well as ensuring that you are going to be put in areas that there are fish located. From there, if you are not catching fish, we can tell you what you may need to try if you want to improve your technique. Are you ready to discover what our on board fishing accessories can do to improve your fishing expedition?

The Tools We Provide

We, obviously, provide a boat that is large enough to keep you comfortable and give you room to fish and relax, but we also provide a variety of other things. For instance, we provide high end coolers for you to store drinks and medication that you may need that day. We provide fish finders with GPS systems for those days when our favorite fishing holes are not filled with fish who want to eat and we may need to put you on another nearby area. IntexxWe provide the tackle and the rods and reels that seem to work best. Our charter boat is also fully equipped to ensure your comfort and there are places for you to sit down if you begin to get a little sea sick. The boat also has a launch pad that can put a dingy or an inflatable fishing kayak into the water so that you may be able to venture into hidden coves on your search for the biggest catch of the day.



The Knowledge We Share

As a team, we have been fishing in these waters around us for a lifetime. We have put in the effort and discovered where the fish will be on any given day. We have already done the legwork and discovered which fish finders are best and even the on board inflatable kayaks have been researched thoroughly. Perhaps you can look at our favorite and read the reviews for yourself to gain peace of mind about inflatables. We looked at that Sea Eagle 370 review and decided that it was the kayak we would trust when we were out on the water and that we would feel comfortable allowing our guests to go out on it as well.

FishingTackleEven though we are not always able to ensure that you will go out with an empty boat and return with a boat that is loaded with fish, we can promise that while you are on board you will have the opportunity to catch fish. If we notice that you are not catching the fish you want, we will try to help you by passing our knowledge on to you and we will tell you the things that have worked for us in the past.

The Adventure You Enjoy

Catching fish is a sport. It is a challenge. It is a very relaxing, sometimes frustrating adventure. On our charter boat, we want for you to discover how great a day out on the water can be. There are more than fish that you will see and we want for a day spent with us to show you that the natural environment our fish call home is truly a beautiful place. When you have a fish on the end of your line and you are reeling him in, the entire boat will celebrate your catch along with you. It is, after all, what fishing is all about.

Marine Optics Vs Rifle Optics

Whether you are an avid fisherman or a talented marksman, there are a variety of tools that can help you maintain and perhaps improve your abilities. This is especially true when it comes to your vision. There are scopes that can make your aim more accurate and ones that help you bring things from far away to things that are closer. There are also options that allow you to simply see things more clearly. Which type is right for you? Perhaps instead of telling you what I feel is best, you should read what makes each type of marine optics vs. rifle optics has to offer.

Marine Optics

MarineBinoculars-300x289In a marine setting, most people feel that reducing glare is most important. There is nothing worse than watching a bobber bob on the water when you have the sun beating down. It casts a bright glow that can completely blind you and hide the most important things on the water from you. There are a variety of types when it comes to optics for the water. There are waterproof sunglasses that are able to resist rain and fog. There are binoculars that can resist a lot of potential glares while bringing things that are far out to see, closer to your eyes.

Rifle Optics

Rangefinder-247x300A rifle’s scope, is designed to bring a target closer to the hunter. If you look at the Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 review you will see that these optics are supposed to provide very clear images of anything that is in the woods. A lot of rifle scopes are able to resist water and promise to not fog up. They are designed to be easily focused and some may even have different lighting options to ensure you are able to see regardless of where you are located within the forest or how much light gets through the canopy of trees.

Which Do You Need?

Even though the best long range scope and the best set of binoculars may share some of the same features, this does not necessarily mean that they are able to be swapped out. They each serve a different purpose. Binoculars that are usable on the water may be able to see things that are 100 yards away, the same as a rifle scope, but if you use them with a rifle, you will quickly find out you do not have enough hands to hold binoculars and a rifle. Binoculars give you a larger viewing range, they are a little harder to focus, and will not improve your aim because of it.

However, you do stand a better chance of using a rifle scope in the marine environment. A scope without a gun can sometimes be used as a telescope. The downside is the lack of viewing range. You will not be able to look out at the entire horizon at one time. This means when that dolphin jumps up or those fish start rippling the water, if you are not looking in that direction, you may miss it and no one wants to risk that.

On Board Power

Have you dreamed of going fishing on a tour that would actually provide you with fish? Would you enjoy going on a fishing trip that you will never forget? Our fishing charter boats are some of the best in this area. We have spent years figuring out where the fish are located, what our clients want to see, and what will truly make our clients glad that they went out with us.

Why We are the Best Fishing Charter

PowerOur equipment is some of the best. We ensure that our boats are always clean, that our fishing gear and tackle are always in great working order, and that our boats never come up short on the things that matter most. We will not become that charter boat who ends up stuck in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by water, because of a lack of power. We have extra batteries on-board as part of our on board power supply and these batteries are backed by the best portable generator on the market today. In fact, we have so much power at our fingertips that our guests are invited to go out on an overnight fishing expedition that is unmatched by other fishing charters.

Enjoy a Night with Us

If you have never experienced a night on the water, you have no idea what you are missing out on. There is something amazing about watching the moonlight reflect on the water while you catch the biggest fish ever. We provide sleeping quarters so that you can enjoy your full night with us and let the rocking of our boat soothe you to sleep.


Sometimes our potential clients are concerned about staying a full night with us. They worry that the noise will be too much for them to rest. This should not be your concern or something that prevents you from enjoying time with us. We wanted to provide our guests with this experience, but we also knew that generators are not known for being quiet. We searched through the internet, we spoke to people who build generators, and we listened to others who had generators in their home, RVs, and boats. We did the research and found the quietest generators possible. The one that came in at the top of the list for dependability and quietness was the Generac generators reviews and we use only those on our overnight boats.


What is Your Dream Experience?

These generators provide enough power to keep the lights on our boat at night and it allows our guests to charge up their cell phones, tablets, and other devices. This means that you can venture out into the open water with us and never feel as though you are cut off from the world around you, even if you stay with us a few days. We have a variety of adventures available. This includes day trips out and longer trips where you can stay all night and get up with the sun to begin fishing again. What is your dream trip going to be?

What to Bring With?

We provide everything that our clients need for their big fishing expedition as far as rods, reels, bait, and other necessities for anyone who is going to try and catch the big one. However, as a fishing guide, we cannot provide all of the convenience items that people may also want to bring along. If you are going to go fishing with us, there are a few things that you may want to bring along to ensure your personal comfort.

What We Provide for You

FirstAid-223x300Our goal is to help our clients catch fish. Depending on the type of expedition that you have planned, we will provide the bait that works best for catching that type of fish. We have nets available, poles, and we provide some first aid items in case of an accident. We also keep pliers and other tools on-board for issues that may come up. Some of our long trips include a light meal around midday, but if you have other requirements, you should take them into consideration.

What You Should Supply

Before you join us on a trip, you may want to pick up a few items. We have a tarp over the deck of our boats, but some visitors may still get a sunburn. Therefore, we recommend that you bring sun block along with you. If you have to have snacks or you need to eat following a certain diet, you may also want to bring along snacks and lunch for yourself. We do not provide gloves for our guests and some people want them.


Some guests also choose to bring their own multi tools, especially if they are already fishermen and feel comfortable repairing their own broken fishing lines and getting hooks from their fish’s mouth. This also helps us to keep up with the needs of other less experienced fishermen. If our tools are in use, you will not have to wait your turn for our tools.

FishingToolThe Best Leatherman Multi Tool to Bring

If you do not currently have a multi-tool, you may want to look into purchasing one for your fishing trip. I would personally recommend you read through any multi tool reviews that you can find and discover whether other people use them for fishing or if they are more suitable for other things.

Generally speaking, a good fishing multi-tool will have scissors that are easy to access, needle nose pliers, a knife, and perhaps a file. However, some multi tools also come with fish scalers and fish hook removers. If you could find one of these, you would be ahead of the game.

The main thing that you should avoid is perhaps the handy tools that have a lot of areas inside of them that could end up filled with fish scales. They could be a little hard to clean out if you are not careful in choosing the right tools and there are not many people who want to smell their fishing trip for a long time after they return home.